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One light campaign: Our CSR

At Sola Sasa, we are committed to giving back to the community. The One Light Campaign has worked with CK Okemwa Foundation to provide lighting to individual,academically well performing but economically disadvantaged children.

With the same foundation, we provided home systems that were installed in classrooms in Kisii County.This enabled a higher number of students to access lighting for early morning and late night prep time.

Policy makers have focused their efforts on reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in a bid to reduce climate change. However over time, a very important aspect has been long left out; kerosene. Light produced by kerosene lamps is very essential to 20% of the world’s population that lacks electricity. The incomplete combustion of the fuel yields black carbon which absorbs light in turn heating up the atmosphere.

The focus has been on how we can reduce income spent on daily purchase of kerosene and shift it to a sustainable source of energy for lighting. To put matters in perspective, 67.21 % of Kenyans live below the poverty line as defined by UNICEF, USD 2 per day. Kerosene costs USD1.0 per day, this means that half of their income is spent on purchase of fuel which relegates essential needs like health, food and shelter.

To reduce this vicious cycle of poverty, One Light Campaign needs more donors and well wishers to make it and even more sustainable venture.

The One Light Campaign is making greener futures and brightening lives