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The SolaSasa Valores

At Sola Sasa, we strive to be customer centric as our first responsibility is to our clients, the lives we brighten. Our organization is embedded in integrity and for us, doing the right thing is not in conflict with the bottom line. Mother nature gave to us and as such we are environment conscious in the conduct of our business. Giving back to the community in a way that ensures dignity is maintained is a core of our value system. In our giving, we want the community to own it and not merely be recipients. We are of the opinion that our employees, stakeholders and donors have a right to transparency and fair return on investment.


Solar Lamps







At Sola Sasa, we are committed to giving back to the community.

We have worked with CK Okemwa Foundation to provide lighting to individual,academically well performing but economically disadvantaged children.

With the same foundation, we provided home systems that were installed in classrooms in Kisii County.This enabled a higher number of students to access lighting for early morning and late night prep time.

Every Child Counts

What if the cure for cancer is bridled in the mind of a child with no access to education? Sustainable , affordable lighting gives each child the opportunity to transform the world.


While it does not solve every problem, it eliminates the ignorance that comes with the lack of it.It opens doors for opportunities. Our lighting solutions give families hope.

Social Impact

In lieu of spending money everyday on kerosene, you could get a lighting solution that avoids health problems while saving money for the family. This money can then be used to invest in other ventures for the family.

Our Awesome Partners